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Mengayu is a social enterprise that brings together vulnerable women with housewives who work at home, to connect in order to restore the confidence of vulnerable women, through facial and hair care.

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Beautiful Face

Beauty services to treat the face using modern facilities with partners who have professional expertise aimed at avoiding bacteria that are harmful to the skin and rejuvenate your beautiful facial skin.

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Hair Charm

This beauty service aims to treat hair using modern facilities with partners who have professional expertise aimed at refreshing damaged and lost hair and refreshing your hair back to dazzle.

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Hair Color

This beauty service aims to treat dull and bleached hair using coloring techniques that are safe for the hair and scalp.

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Our Impact.

We collaborate with several partners to provide the best service for you.

Professional Training

We provide hair and facial care skills, through the Job Training Center/Balai Latihan Kerja (BLK).

Mental Healing

We facilitate trauma-prone women to access people who understand and master mental health.


We provide beauty care services for women consumers who are active at home.

Self Empowerment

After training we will immediately recruit women to provide care to consumers.

Collaboration with

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and other local communities.

Social Activities.

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Head Office :

Jl. Ijen Blok H No. 9, Sumbersari, Jember

Women Safe Workspace :

Perumahan Muktisari Blok W No. 9, Kebonsari, Jember

Maintenance Service :

+62-815-5969-5693 (CS AYU)


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